SLEAR Series Part 3: AI Tools in the SLEAR Framework

SLEAR Series Part 3: AI Tools in the SLEAR Framework

Following the first and second blog, we now move on to generating multimedia content for the course with AI tools.


This is part 3 of the 3-part blog series.


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

R: Resources

There are certain sections in the mini course that may benefit from AI images. We could transform bulky content into videos, or easy-to-digest formats.

a) Generating Images

For example, this section would benefit from an image of an elephant to emphasize the point.

This section looked boring on its’ own.

This is the prompt we used to generate a nice background image for that section.

Kodak photo style of Elephant in a waiting room, –ar 16:9

Next, we decided to change the front banner image, from a realistic image borrowed from Unsplash, to a Midjourney photo.


Sometimes, you do not need to generate your photo. Once you purchase a Midjourney plan, you can gain access to its database and user-generated content. Feel free to take images from there. This is what we do quite often.


We used Midjourney and typed in the following prompt.

“One-to-one meeting between employee and a manager, –ar 12:9

b) Generating a Color Palette

We then moved on to acquiring a color palette, which we did by prompting ChatGPT the following:

‘I am making a course about handling conflict in the workplace. I have pictures in beige, brown, and yellow tones. Please make a 5 color palette for the course in HEX codes based on the color scheme of the images.’

This is the before and after.

c) Generating Videos

Then let’s move on to use other AI tools to make a video to make the course more engaging.

To make a quick and easy video, we used Lumen5 to generate a voiceover with the relevant videos and text. 


You can go in-depth and use other AI tools like Synthesia to generate a talking head, but we created something easy to use and easy to replicate through Lumen5.

We just copied the content from the course that we already had, and let it run through Lumen5. After a while, Lumen5 returned with some great scripts out of the text we uploaded and ultimately, we chose one to make our video.


Once the video was rendered, we uploaded it to our course and made some final checks before publishing the course.


Check out our old course and witness the changes in the new one. Click on the images to navigate to the courses.



Our investigation of the intersection of AI and Learning and Development reveals a notable evolution in education. AI now plays an integral role in reshaping the educational landscape.


Our SLEAR framework, throughout the series of blogs, displayed just how seamlessly AI can be integrated in the content creation processes. From setting the scene to revamping resources, AI shows its potential to enhance education tremendously.

Now that we’ve shared our framework with you, feel free to try it out and let us know how you used it, and if it helped you revamp your content too.


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