Textile Appreciation

For: DS Textile Solutions

Online course



Textile Appreciation guides the learner from the fundamentals of textile fibres to fabric construction. It gives a strong overview of each stage of manufacturing and their related effects. The learner will walk away with an appreciation of the choices and trade-offs when selecting fabrics – aesthetics, performance, cost, commercial and sustainability levers in order to ensure product performance and compliance.

It covers the technical aspects of garment balance and shape for the plus size body as well as correct aesthetic proportions for the creation of flattering, well proportioned garments.


Deborah Shulton has been involved in the Textile industry for over 30 years with experience in fabric sourcing and development, fabric performance and implementing fabric buying and quality control systems.


Gain fabric knowledge and understanding.

Interpret and compare different fabric specifications.

Understand pricing differences and negotiate better.

Understand the impact of fabric on sustainability.

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