Harnessing AI for Course Development

Harnessing AI for Course Development​

A Case Study on the course “Stress and Burnout Management”

As a course creator, your tasks may vary from designing the course content to realizing the best way to represent it. Luckily, AI has boosted this process. You can easily weave AI magic into your course development strategy.


In this case study, we will create an engaging course on ‘Managing Work-Related Stress and Burnout‘. 

Now, let’s dive into the course creation process:

Step 1: Create the Course Outline with ChatGPT

With our scope ready, we use ChatGPT to lay the groundwork.

We share our topic, “Managing Work-Related Stress and Burnout,” and specify the key learning objectives.


ChatGPT will generate a comprehensive course outline in no time, which will cover sections like understanding stress and burnout, identifying causes, implementing stress management techniques, and evaluating success.

Step 2: Create a Course Scope Presentation with Tome

Now that we have our course outline ready, it’s time to give our stakeholders a sneak peek into our vision.


Tome is a fantastic AI tool that can help create a convincing presentation. All we need to do is upload the course outline from ChatGPT into Tome, specify our needs, and within a few minutes, our proof of concept presentation will be ready to wow our stakeholders.


Click here to view the presentation.

Step 3: Use Midjourney to Generate Images

Once we’ve got our stakeholders on board, adventure into the world of visuals. Remember, courses are not just about text; they are also about the aesthetic experience.

We can simply input descriptive language about the course content into Midjourney, and let it generate appealing, related images that will give our course a creative touch.

Step 4: Generate Videos with Lumen5

Now let’s enthrall learners with easy-to-digest videos. With Lumen5, turn the course outline into engaging videos.

We just need to feed our text into Lumen5, and it will generate a storyboard that we can customize as per our needs.

Click on the link here to view the video.

In Conclusion

Keep iterating and integrating various media into your course. With AI tools, the process becomes faster and more efficient, providing an enriching learning experience for your course consumers.


In conclusion, embracing AI creates an opportunity to transform the way we design and develop courses. Not only do these digital tools take the weight off your shoulders, but they also inject a stunning visual appeal and interactive edge that today’s learners will love.


Get ready to deliver vibrant, value-packed courses.

Let Us Help You

At Learnmonade, we aim to showcase the possibilities of AI and help you tap into the potential of AI for education.

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